Sales & Marketing Solutions

Ten2Eleven’s consultants consistently assist organizations with improving sales processes and sales effectiveness. As a platform-neutral consultancy, we help our clients choose the best tools for their sales and marketing structure, and ensure that efficient business processes and strong user adoption are achieved.

Salesforce Setup & Optimization

Ten2Eleven has worked with the platform for over 10 years, and our Salesforce Certified staff has a deep understanding of how to implement and integrate Salesforce solutions. As a platform, Salesforce supports a “process-first” approach so that Sales and Marketing teams can focus on the way that leads and sales opportunities will be advanced through the pipeline.

Ten2Eleven helps clients design repeatable, measurable marketing and sales processes, and to set up reports and workflow so that these processes can be fine-tuned over time.

Ten2Eleven is often called in when clients have begun using the platform and want guidance and perspective on which features to use first, and how quickly to adopt additional pieces of the platform. Ten2Eleven helps clients develop roadmaps and maturity models to assist stakeholders at all levels of the organization understand the journey.




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Marketing Campaign Generators

Ten2Eleven has extensive experience in supporting Marketing organizations. This includes projects to improve and automate lead quality, deduplicate and relate leads, improve market segmentation definition, and directly measure customer behavior when interacting with online assets.

Ten2Eleven helps clients automate and streamline the process of campaign creation in B2C settings by building tools to let Marketing Managers leverage their time and quickly model and define campaign members. These tools allow Marketing Managers to create similar campaigns for different demographics, generate sales support documents for each lead, and automatically send leads to the correct Sales teams to qualify and convert.

Ten2Eleven works closely with Marketing and Sales staff to understand market dynamics, and studies successful campaigns and sales activities to embed best practices into the campaign management tools it develops.

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Channel Management Solutions

Ten2Eleven’s clients often operate in complex multi-tiered environments, with business partners who play a key role in delivering value to the end customer. Ten2Eleven is expert at developing data-driven systems to track, manage, and optimize our clients’ interactions with these business partners.

For example, Ten2Eleven’s pharmaceutical wholesale clients provide multiple channels to the same pharmacy customers, operating as both a value-added wholesaler and a high-volume product distributor. Ten2Eleven supports these clients with systems to measure performance with channel-specific metrics, and to avoid channel conflict by managing products at a SKU level based on custom product classification algorithms.

Ten2Eleven’s health care clients rely on external channel partners (brokers, consultants, and other partners) to reach end purchasers and to navigate the healthcare enrollment process. Ten2Eleven supports these clients with CRM-like systems which allow a 360-degree view of the channel partner, available to all Sales and Account Management staff. Importantly, these systems allow the development of a profile for each channel partner, allowing Ten2Eleven’s clients to provide more targeted interaction based on languages spoken, channel partner business strategy, online vs in-person focus, and other key differentiators

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