UC Berkeley | Salesforce Implementation


Higher Education


Recruitment, Facilities, Outreach


10,000+ Employees

45,000+ Students




Berkeley, CA


Leveraging investment in Salesforce platform to quickly address needs of over 20 university departments in managing contacts, managing special program enrollments, and managing outreach to student and alumni populations


UC Berkeley’s Administrative IT department is responsible for providing point solutions to university departments for such diverse use cases as visiting scholar enrollment, student enrollment in special programs, facilities management of parking pass requests, and fundraising/donor management. Admin IT had a multi-year backlog of application requests, and found itself developing overlapping solutions for each internal client.


Ten2Eleven worked with Admin IT to deploy a centralized Salesforce instance for departments with common needs and shared contacts, and a number of standalone Salesforce instances for departments with unique needs (such as Donor/Fundraising). Ten2Eleven provided a design and deployment framework for Admin IT, and lead the implementation of several solutions in order to help reduce request backlog.

Notable features included:

  • Integration with Ellucian fund-raising and donor management software to provide a Salesforce-based user-friendly, cross-department user interface with simple workflow and visibility to all donor touchpoints
  • Workflow system to register and track intellectual property for UCB’s IPIRA office
  • Retirement of multiple spreadsheet-based systems to track visiting scholars, foreign exchange students, and enrollment in work-study programs
  • Community portals to allow UCB Facilities to engage with multiple groups who request services, including parking pass requests


Ten2Eleven assisted UC Berkeley in developing a campus-wide Salesforce program, with a defined engagement model and roadmap for requesting departments. Departments could quickly leverage a shared instance or could opt for a more customized standalone dedicated instance, depending on their use cases and budget. The shared instance included:

  • Integration with Active Directory to keep all campus contacts in sync and available in the Salesforce instance
  • Custom User Profiles, Record Types and Page Layouts to allow different departments to leverage Salesforce without impacting each other’s usability and data
  • Workflow to support key activities such as visiting scholar enrollment, work-study signup, and facilities requests
  • Mobile access for traveling staff
  • Reports and dashboards to support activity review, volume reporting, and exception/followup reports

Ten2Eleven staff trained UC Berkeley’s Admin IT staff and conducted knowledge transfer to ensure that Admin IT staff could support and enhance the deployed solutions.

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