Every company has its successes, such as winning an RFP bid; delivering a best in class project; or solving an important customer problem. Companies also have frustrations, such as late timesheets; lost business; an unhappy customer due to a billing error (let’s be honest, we have all been there). We were determined to find a better way and an all-in-one solution. BusinessTime was developed to support essential business management operations including project management, timekeeping and finance. We invite you to learn more about how BusinessTime can support your technology needs and provide operational efficiencies across your organization.


Companies, large and small, manage increasingly more data every day and many require a tool which allows for robust monitoring and validation of objects and data. With this in mind, Validator was created to manage enterprise-level data and allows it to be transferred, transformed, and integrated across multiple solutions. By utilizing Validator, it enables companies to make better business decisions, easily maintain compliance, and optimize processes.