Who We Are



Foosball in the Office
At Ten2Eleven we believe that company culture is what defines us as consultants. It defines how we present ourselves to clients and how we engage with each other.

We believe in three core values:

Integrity and Trust –
Our clients believe us when we say we can deliver a project because they’ve seen us do it before.

Technical Excellence –
We unlock possibilities for our clients by understanding their technology and what it is capable of.

Close Partnership and Communication –
Our practice is to work very closely with client teams, to fully understand the personalities, goals, and systems in place. Our clients often remark that they view us as part of their team, rather than “outside consultants”.

Working at Ten2Eleven is an experience in collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We do not believe in building the same thing twice! Our rigorous onboarding program, proprietary knowledge base, and team solution review process ensure that even our newest consultants have access to our accumulated best practices, intellectual property, and expertise.

Ten2Eleven embraces the idea that consultants should have fulfilling personal lives. Our staffing and scheduling practices are purpose-built to ensure that work is distributed across teams, and that travel is not excessive.


Leadership Team

Jason Kuechler
Jason Kuechler
Chief Executive Officer
Jim Jones
Jim Jones
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson
Chief Technical Officer
Nathalie McDaniel
Nathalie McDaniel
Vice President of Operations



Company History

Ten2Eleven’s origin story begins in 2004 with Jim Jones and Jason Kuechler, two talented and experienced database architects and business intelligence gurus working for data-driven Sacramento companies. Jason and Jim had a passion for delivering business intelligence solutions which provide high-impact outcomes, and allowed companies to make knowledgeable operating decisions.

When Jim and Jason reached the point where they had solved a majority of the business intelligence challenges faced by their current employers, they decided to open a consulting company which would give them a much broader reach and allow them to positively impact many more organizations.

Jim and Jason approached Scott Johnson, a talented application architect, to join their team and to build a company whose DNA reflected the trio’s shared values of trust and integrity, technical excellence, and close partnership and communication.

Ten2Eleven’s original office in 2004 was just 60 square feet and could barely fit two desks! Jim, Jason and Scott quickly developed a reputation for delivering innovative, high quality, timely technology solutions to their clients.

Over the ensuing years, Ten2Eleven has expanded thoughtfully and carefully to over 30 consultants, recruiting seasoned technical and project management team members who could embrace the company culture and core values.


What’s with the Name?


These go to Eleven
The official story is this: We believe in improving on the “perfect” 10, and turning it up to 11. Ten to eleven.
For the unofficial story, join us after work some time. We are frequent attendees of Sacramento technology meetups, and regularly host Health Care Happy Hour events to let our clients meet and mingle.


In Our Community

Shamrock 5k/10k

At Ten2Eleven, we want to be more than just a technology solution; we want to be a company our clients are proud to introduce as valued partners. We recognize we have a responsibility—to our clients and the community at large—to be a conscientious contributing member of the business community. Our company promotes philanthropy through annual charitable donations to local and national non-profit organizations selected by our employees. To date, we have contributed over $350,000 to the following organizations: