The Data Quality Management Tool.

Validator is a platform for managing enterprise-level data that is transferred, transformed and integrated across multiple solutions. The tool allows for robust monitoring and validation of objects and data, including the ability to understand patterns for corrective action. As companies manage increasingly more data every day, Validator enables better business decisions, compliance and process control. By eliminating inefficiencies when running both simple and complex queries on any link SQL Server data source, organizations can be rest assured that their data is accurate every time. Validator quickly notifies users when an action needs to be taken to maintain data integrity, simplifying processes across the organization.

SQL Server

Validator can run against any linked SQL Server Data Source

Create, Schedule, & Execute

Users are provided the ability to easily create, schedule and execute validations on-demand from within the tool


Summary & Detailed Review

Users can review all validations in summary and detail formats within the Validator web application

Daily Validation Results

Users receive a daily summary email, or transaction emails, with validation results

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