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Customer Application


76,000+ Employees


$198.5 Billion (2017)


San Fransisco, CA


  • Significant improvements in process flow, production and increased availability of data
  • Increased relevancy of customer campaigns
  • Increased customer use of OneStop formulary
  • Reduced leakage to competitors


McKesson’s GenericsConnect program consists of a team of 40 Inside Sales staff who are assigned to 5,500 Independent Pharmacy customers with the goal of maximizing customer use of the OneStop Generics formulary and reducing leakage to competitors. The Inside Sales team contacts each customer monthly with price promotion offers, metrics on purchasing, suggestions for cost savings, and other value-add propositions.

The GenericsConnect Marketing team is responsible for creating campaigns which provide customers with pertinent information, tailored specifically for each participating pharmacy business. The Inside Sales team executes on those campaign opportunities, resulting in an increase in new customers, marketing deals, and client outreach.

In order to provide targeted campaigns, the Marketing Team must create approximately 50 campaigns per month. McKesson approached Ten2Eleven with a request to develop a process to automate and streamline campaign creation, and to provide Inside Sales staff with detailed reporting to support pre-call customer research.


Ten2Eleven employed an agile methodology, beginning with the solicitation of requirements from the stakeholders and analysis of existing campaign workflow. Ten2Eleven designed a system leveraging McKesson’s existing investments in .NET, MS SQL Server and Salesforce platforms, and included an API layer to allow other McKesson departments to have access to campaign details. Ten2Eleven created mockups of the new system and conducted desktop process walkthroughs to elicit detailed system requirements.


The new Campaign Manager application enables the Markting Team to segment customers using many different demographic and purchasing attributes, and to automatically add these customer segments to campaigns.

Once a campaign is defined, the application feeds campaign attributes and membership to McKesson’s SAP and Salesforce applications, releasing the campaign which allows the assigned Inside Sales representatives to begin contacting customers. Inside Sales representatives use the native Salesforce features to record the success of each interaction, and the Campaign Builder application aggregates this information so that Marketing Managers understand the uptake or success of each campaign.

Inside Sales representatives utilize Ten2Eleven’s Campaign Viewer application, a web-based reporting portal which provides real-time data from the Campaign Manager database to enable representatives to have a detailed, fact-based conversation with customers around purchasing history and price-saving opportunities.

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