Kaiser Permanente | Health Plan Membership System Integration




Integrated Care Delivery


186,000+ Employees


$60.7 Billion (2015)


Oakland, CA


  • Improved data quality in key sales systems
  • Improved customer and broker experience
  • Reduced time spent by Sales Operations in resolving address and contact data issues
  • Elimination of duplicate contact records


Kaiser Permanente’s California Sales and Account Management teams use a Salesforce-based application to track customer and broker engagement, and to conduct account planning. Sales teams were frustrated, however, by the errors and latency in their Salesforce data. Kaiser’s California membership system (Foundation Systems) is the system of record for address, phone, and key contact information. However, information updated in Foundation Systems had to be updated manually in Salesforce, resulting in out-of-sync conditions and a lack of trust of the sales system.


Ten2Eleven performed an assessment of KP’s source data, existing integration infrastructure, staff skill sets, and latency requirements. Ten2Eleven proposed a batch integration, using a delta load approach to minimize the data volumes being transferred. Because Kaiser had existing investments in the Informatica Power Center platform, Ten2Eleven designed the solution around this tool.

Ten2Eleven conducted data modeling and created a data mapping approach, using the membership system data as the source of truth and updating records in Salesforce which did not match. This included logic to cover many edge cases, such as contacts employed by multiple Kaiser groups, contacts with bad email addresses, and groups with multiple organizational units which all roll up to a single legal entity.

Ten2Eleven’s database engineers developed the Informatica and MS SQL Server code to transform the data according to these rules, and Ten2Eleven’s Salesforce.com-certified staff created upload specifications to map to Kaiser’s custom fields and data model.

Following validation in a non-production environment, Ten2Eleven assisted the Kaiser team in deploying to production, and provided post-go-live support and enhancements.


Ten2Eleven’s database architects deisgned a solution which solved KP’s data synchronization challenges and which fit into the existing technology portfolio:

  • A data mart environment in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes to bring data from KP’s diverse source systems into the data mart, leveraging the existing Informatica Power Center application
  • Procedures to normalize and transform membership system data, written in the MS SQL Server Transact-SQL language
  • Processes to upload changes to Salesforce, using the existing connectors owned by Kaiser and customized to Kaiser’s Salesforce.com data model

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