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186,000+ Employees


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  • Improved data quality
  • Reduced cycle time to generate metrics each month
  • Improved analyst efficiency and morale

“The Ten2Eleven team provided much-needed expertise and had a problem-solving, practical focus throughout this engagement.” – Thomas Hawkes, Executive Director of Analytics


Kaiser Permanente’s analytics teams were responsible for a number of critical quality-related metrics, including HEDIS measures defined by the National Committee for Quality Assurance and CMS core measures; and were also tasked with providing time-sensitive membership migration metrics related to Health Care Reform, to understand the impact of members moving from group coverage to individual and exchange-based coverage. However, KP’s source data had significant data quality issues and resided in disparate systems spread across KP’s six geographic regions.


Ten2Eleven performed an assessment of KP’s source data, available analytics infrastructure, staff skill sets, and reporting requirements. After fully understanding the problem statement, Ten2Eleven partnered closely with KP staff to identify viable options and to select the approach with the best fit to KP’s employee culture and skill set.

Ten2Eleven worked closely with KP staff to implement a solution stack which included an automated data quality measurement tool (Ten2Eleven’s proprietary Validator application); data mart developed in KP’s existing SQL Server environment; and custom front-end applications to allow KP analysts to quickly and reliably generate metrics at the end of each reporting period.

By including KP staff in the project from day one, and performing ongoing knowledge transfer throughout the project, Ten2Eleven was able to seamlessly transition management of the software components to KP.


Ten2Eleven’s data experts designed and deployed several complementary process and system changes to support KP:

  • Ten2Eleven’s Validator© data quality measurement and reporting tool
  • A data mart environment in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes to bring data from KP’s diverse source systems into the data mart
  • Procedures to aggregate detail data and calculate quality measures, written in SQL Server T-SQL
  • Membership migration metrics defined based on member movement across multiple lines of business (Independent, Small Group, Large Commercial, Medicare, etc.)
  • Documented process and training of KP staff to allow resolution of data quality issues and generation of monthly metrics without ongoing reliance on Ten2Eleven staff

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