UC Berkeley School of Law | Salesforce Implementation and Customization


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Education – Law School


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Berkeley, CA


  • Cleansed existing data and implemented process to prevent additional data duplication
  • Applied SFDC customizations to streamline business processes


UC Berkeley (UCB) School of Law is one of 14 schools and colleges at the University of California, Berkeley and is consistently ranked as one of the top law schools in the nation. The School had an existing Salesforce instance titled “Higher Education Data Architecture” (HEDA) that they used to track bar examination results of UCB graduates as well as prospective students with interest in attending. This information is collected by running numerous automations and daily data imports from ACES2, a national database used by law schools to house information regarding the bar exam, and Pardot, a web-based solution used for tracking enrollment interest.

Existing data processes were performed without cleaning or validating information before and after import causing a high volume of duplicate data. UCB School of Law engaged Ten2Eleven to assist with data clean-up, process modifications to ensure data integrity, and implementation of a backlog of Salesforce improvements and changes.


Phase 1 – Identification and Data Cleanup:

Ten2Eleven reviewed UCB’s Salesforce data and systematically removed duplicates entries. Once the data was cleansed, Ten2Eleven determined the root cause of the issue and implemented new jobs to prevent duplication during data load routines without impacting current business processes.

Phase 2 –Instance Customization:

Ten2Eleven customized UCB’s Salesforce instance to avert workflow disruptions related to Pardot integrations. Ten2Eleven researched process limitations and provided a solution that accomplished University objectives without requiring changes to existing workflow.

Phase 3 – Global Picklist Implementation:

Ten2Eleven applied global pick-list values to eliminate data inconsistency across objects and constrain introduction of new values.


Ten2Eleven completed the following items:

  • Data review and cleanup
  • Custom data integrations to eliminate dirty data
  • Global pick-list implementation


  • Salesforce Enterprise Edition – Lightening


  • Customized Standard Objects
  • Scheduled jobs to synchronize data


  • APEX

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