Technology Consulting Services


At Ten2Eleven, our goal is to demonstrate our reliability and integrity in every project. Clients who initially engage us for software delivery or data analytics solutions are often pleasantly surprised at our expertise in long-range technology planning and program management.

Business Intelligence and Data Engineering

Ten2Eleven’s enterprise clients operate in data-rich environments, and require sophisticated solutions to deliver the right information to the right place at the right time. Ten2Eleven is a full-stack data engineering and analytics provider, with an extensive history of designing and delivering projects such as:

  • Data extract and cleansing from operational systems
  • Normalizing and standardizing data from disparate systems
  • Developing algorithms and statistical methodologies to provide actionable information from raw data
  • Managing high data volumes
  • Installing and configuring Extract, Transform and Load tools
  • Creating real-time data exchanges using SOAP and REST services
  • Securely and reliably exchanging data with trading partners
  • Defining and building data warehouses, data marts, and operational data stores
  • Building reporting portals to help users manage 1000s of reports
  • Deploying analytics tools such as SSRS, Tableau, Office365, and SAP Crystal Reports

Ten2Eleven is platform-agnostic and helps our clients identify the best information management solution for their specific situation. We apply agile principles to information management so that our clients see value as early as possible, through working prototypes and desktop-scale solutions which can then be productionalized and scaled up if they pass the client’s evaluation.

Case Studies

Local Government Roadmap & Platform Selection

Ten2Eleven’s local government clients face several key challenges:

  • Technology debt due to older applications and reporting systems
  • Lean staffing focused on operations and “keeping the lights on” rather than developing new capabilities
  • Budget processes which require technology needs to be forecast months or years in advance

Ten2Eleven leverages our depth of experience in the local government sector and in the common technology platforms used by this sector to assist our clients. We start by understanding the specific operating environment (people, processes, systems) of our client agency; then work with client staff to elicit actionable goals.

Ten2Eleven engagements often involve assisting clients to evaluate technology strategies (build vs buy, cloud vs on-premise, enterprise system vs best-of-breed) and to provide objective and quantitative evaluations of the options. Ten2Eleven maintains a library of technology evaluation approaches and a knowledge base so that all our consultants have access to these tools.

Case Studies

State Agency Roadmap and Business Case

Ten2Eleven’s state government clients operate in a paradoxical environment of ever-increasing demand for services and perpetual budget pressures. Ten2Eleven supports state agencies in planning and implementing technology solutions to enable doing more with less.

Ten2Eleven’s familiarity with full-stack technology solution implementation in the state government space and our close partnership with client staff allow us to develop detailed, actionable, realistic roadmaps and operating budgets for technology initiatives, inclusive of all direct and indirect costs and incorporating all external and internal resource needs.

Ten2Eleven has a depth of experience in developing business cases for proposed projects. Our consultants are well-versed in identifying benefits which can be delivered by technology projects, including increased revenue capture, reduced spend, improved service levels to stakeholders, and increased regulatory compliance/reduced compliance risk.

Ten2Eleven has performed multiple independent validation and verification projects to refine our clients’ technology plans and to give our clients confidence that their selected technology platform and implementation partners will deliver value.

Ten2Eleven has a number of proprietary assessment and roadmap-generation tools developed over the course of multiple projects. These tools are available to all Ten2Eleven consultants through our in-house knowledge base.

Case Studies