Covered California | CRM Roadmap & Business Case




Health Insurance Subsidy and Enrollment


1,000+ Employees & Contractors


$314 million (2017)


Sacramento, CA


Approved funding and a detailed plan for system rollout to support engagement with over 10,000 partners.

“…the team at Ten2Eleven were instrumental in developing Covered California’s first sales CRM. The team are extremely professional, knowledgeable, collaborative and solution oriented.” -Kirk Whelan, former Director of Outreach, Sales & Small Business Exchange, Covered CA


Covered California’s goal is to sign up millions of uninsured Californians and help them obtain health coverage. In order to meet this goal, Covered CA works through a “distribution network” of licensed insurance agents, navigators, community partners, and other external partners who have been trained on helping the public apply for coverage.

As a new agency, Covered CA did not have an existing infrastructure or set of practices. Furthermore, Covered CA is one of the few state agencies which actually engages in sales activities. As a result, Covered CA did not have an effective system for engaging with external partners.

Covered CA requested Ten2Eleven to develop a business case for a “Channel Partner CRM” system, and to help define a roadmap to determine which capabilities should be delivered first, and how the rollout of capabilities should be phased.


Phase 1: Business Case

Ten2Eleven identified a set of client representatives from Finance, Sales, IT, Operations, and Marketing with the right perspective and organizational position to provide input and leadership on the Channel Partner CRM initiative. Ten2Eleven conducted targeted working sessions to identify areas of cost savings, performance improvement, and staff efficiencies which could be realized by systematizing the existing processes. Ten2Eleven also worked with Compliance staff to identify risks which could be mitigated with improved tracking of communications to Channel Partners.

Ten2Eleven’s Senior Consultants distilled the results of working sessions into a number of business case benefits, and quantified them in terms of dollar savings, improved ability to achieve organizational goals, and reduced compliance risks. Ten2Eleven also developed detailed cost estimates, working with CRM vendors and Covered CA resource managers.

Phase 2: Application Roadmap Development

Building on the goals and capabilities envisioned in the Business Case, Ten2Eleven conducted several workshops with Covered CA staff to elicit mid-level requirements and to understand constraints and dependencies which would affect the rollout of a new system. This included reviewing the Open Enrollment schedule to understand when staff would be available for UAT and training, and analyzing previous year’s activities such as outreach conferences and channel partner training seminars.

Ten2Eleven developed an application roadmap covering a 36 month timeframe after initial deployment of the new Channel Partner CRM. The roadmap identified new capabilities to bring online at approximately 2-month intervals initially, during the period when Covered CA would have external development resources available, and 6-month intervals after a steady state had been achieved.

Key phases of the project included integration with Channel Partner systems of record, integration with CalHEERS data, deployment of an integrated mass communication tool (iContact), and development of workflows to manage Channel Partner registration, renewal, and suspension.

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