Startup and Higher Education Services

Ten2Eleven has developed a set of offerings aimed at startups and other organizations operating in dynamic environments. These clients need flexible solutions delivered in a rapid timeframe, with the ability to adapt as business models are refined and new customer segments are targeted.

Salesforce Quick-Start Program

Ten2Eleven has successfully deployed sales automation systems for numerous startups and early-stage nonprofits. Although every client is unique, Ten2Eleven has developed a set of deployment practices and light customizations to which allow sales and service organizations to quickly leverage the key benefits of the platform.

Our early-stage clients want visibility into their sales and service operations and Ten2Eleven’s Quick-Start Program focuses on obtaining high-quality information on sales pipelines, client interactions, and channel partner behavior. The program emphasizes user adoption and ease of use to ensure there is a “WIFM” for front-line staff.

Ten2Eleven lays out a roadmap for early-stage clients, so that adoption of platform features and add-ons can be planned out at a pace and in an order which brings the most value.

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Big Data Solutions for Higher Education

Our team supports numerous higher education clients in rapidly developing data-driven solutions for research and operational initiatives.

Ten2Eleven facilitates taking research projects to market by formalizing the data collection, storage, and management activities using relational database platforms. Our team assists our clients in choosing the best-fit platform and hosting option, and develops data dictionaries, data quality rules, and data validation routines to ensure a high level of overall data quality.

Our data scientists are experienced at productionalizing algorithms developed in a research setting, and in using common scripting and ETL languages to automatically run these algorithms against incoming data.

Ten2Eleven develops front-end (UI) components to allow administration of the system, and interactive dashboards and reports to allow end-users to gain insights from the collected and interpreted data.

Ten2Eleven’s experience with strategies for managing high volume datasets allows our clients to focus on the science, without needing to worry about data availability.

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