Pricing & Contract Solutions

Ten2Eleven’s supply chain and pricing projects enable clients to price for higher margin, higher accuracy, and faster response to market conditions. We work in both customer-facing and supplier-facing domains, and help clients measure and manage performance throughout their supply chain.

Price Optimization & Modeling

Ten2Eleven has a depth of experience in complex pricing environments, working with clients to develop pricing strategies and the tools to implement them. Our clients typically have a variety of pricing inputs (historic pricing, cost of goods, competitor price points, seasonal demand) along with market segmentation, and need a way to efficiently calculate optimal prices and enact them quickly.

Our consultants partner closely with market research staff, pricing analysts, product managers, and pricing systems owners to help develop and validate pricing models, using rapid development environments.

Following validation of a model, Ten2Eleven helps clients install the model in production pricing systems. Ten2Eleven is platform-agnostic, helping clients choose the best fit amongst enterprise pricing systems such as SAP, pricing verticals such as PROS and Vendavo, and in-house custom solutions.

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Inventory Modeling & Allocation

Ten2Eleven’s clients often need assistance with quantifying and systematizing inventory management. This may take the form of predictive modeling engines to help identify optimal order quantities, or allocation formulas to assign inventory to key customers. In some cases, Ten2Eleven has been asked to model a client’s supply chain to proactively identify upstream (i.e. supplier) service level issues with enough lead time to allow the client to switch suppliers or transfer inventory.

Ten2Eleven’s approach includes partnering with business leads to ensure that our consultants understand the existing inventory management practices and supply chain information systems.

Keeping with Ten2Eleven’s principle of inexpensive and rapid prototyping, our consultants and developers will create a desktop version of the solution, and will review output reports with knowledgeable business leads to validate the system’s analytics.

As a final step, Ten2Eleven works with clients to productionalize the solution, which may include building scheduled ETL jobs to extract data on a regular basis, maintenance screens for client staff, and self-service reporting access to ensure that information is always available to those who need it to perform their jobs.

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Product Management

Ten2Eleven helps clients unlock the value in their existing data. Product Managers are often given a bewildering variety of reports and tools to use, with siloed reports for sales, estimated demand, competitor pricing, supplier performance, overall product profitability, inventory availability, market share, etc.

Ten2Eleven builds Product Management solutions which integrate these views and make Product Managers more efficient. We help clients identify the trigger conditions which require their attention and develop a watchlist capability which allows Product Managers to focus on key short-term issues. We also enable longer-term view of product and supplier performance, and enable what-if scenarios around product switches, price changes, and loyalty programs.

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